You too have an agenda? Are you someone that is super involved, just like me? Well, you may need some of these tips that also often help me a lot! 

Note it as soon as you know it! 

The first advice I can give you is to write everything down as soon as you know your appointments, when to turn in your homework, etc. It’s an invincible advice! This way, you don’t forget anything.

Make a code of symbols and colors!

The second tip that I can give you and that works well in order to get an overview of a given period is to create a code of symbols and colors.

Establishing a code of symbols and colors makes it possible to quickly identify assignments dates, homework, tournaments, appointments, etc. In the next following lines, I will present you my own color code.

  1. Put an *X* in the boxes of the classes that are free of  homework
  2.  Highlight a completed assignment in yellow
  3. Highlight the outline of the agenda box that is more important than the others in green
  4. Highlight the outline of the agenda box where you will not be in class because of an appointment (resource teacher, doctor, etc.) in pink
  5. Highlight the outline of the agenda box where you have an activity in purple
  6. Highlight the outline of the agenda box where you have a recovery class in orangeThis is my color code and symbols. It works for me, but you can create your own code. The only important thing is to make sure you understand it correctly before using it.

Mark your schedule!

Does your school have a specific schedule and this one varies according to days (1,2,3,4,5)? Perfect! Use each box on your agenda and write your schedule for the day inside of it. Sometimes, the scheduling system changes, which means that some schools have a variable schedule over 6-12 or 18 days. With the arrival of this system of days, I created two documents. One to put in my locker, a double-sided sheet for each two days, and one for my house.

Have an overview of ‘’one week at a time’’! 

You can also use 10 304, a weekly assessment planning calendar! This allows you to view the handing over of documents and as well as the exams you have for 1 week. I personally use it to plan at the beginning of each school session and look at it on each Friday!

Put your schedule in sight … 2 documents! 

The first document I present to you can be used to be posted in your room to have an overview of the different classes you have during your week, without necessarily having your agenda with you at all time. The document is convenient because it allows you to write your schedule for each day individually to the computer, then print it and paste it on small sheets.

My second document can be used to record your schedule as well, but this time, you can enter your data, print double-sided (to be a little less wasteful and have less chance of losing a sheet :)) and bring it in your locker. You can find a magnet and stick each sheet after each school day.

Please note that our documents are not yet translated, but if you want to eventually have them, contact us. Thanks.

References for the documents :

# 10 304 — Calendar of weekly exams.

# 10 305 — Individual day – House

# 10 306 — Individual day – School