- April 13th 2018
Official oppening to public. We are proud. 

June 8th 2018
First article to be publish. In French only, but you can still access it here

July 15th 2018
First update.

September 13th 2018 
On September 13 I met the team of Dis-Moi. This activity allowed me to help them developp their platform. 
Furthermore, one member of this team believed in my project, my website project, and gave me the domain .ca. 

- September 22nd 2018
New skin for the website. 

- January 5th 2019
Interview with Journal des Voisins 

- January 6th 2019
Partership with Dis-Moi and Allô Prof 

- January 7th 2019
My first book is published 

- January and february 2019
The Journal des Voisins's article is published. The article is in French only, but you can still access it here.

- March 2019  
We won the 2nd place in a contest and came back with a bourse. You can see the Facebook publications on the subject in French.