Colors, colors and colors again, but why red, blue and green precisly? 

When developing a logo, it is important to make sure that it represents the company properly. Which was difficult for the logo of this company! I want to make it clear that I wanted my logo to be representative of the topics I’m dealing with, but also not too discriminative. I wanted everyone to feel included. Which works!

Images in a logo?

Yes, if you look at the logo correctly there are pictures. Free of rights and reuse, of course.

To choose the images, I based myself on the principal themes of my site, namely the school material, the student who must be “perfect”, the management of the school material, the management of the computer and the backpack. Each image represents a section of the site.

  • The backpack, on the top left, represents the section on how to manage it well
  • The computer, top right, represents the effective management of IT
  • The student and his book, bottom right, represents the balanced student, studies and homework
  • The school equipment, in the lower left, represents the management of the school so that you always have everything in class and be ready for anything

Enough talk about the pictures. Let’s go to the colors.


Although red can represent death, revenge, blood and love it can just as well represent something else! Like for my site! The red, in my logo, represents some values ​​including passion, interest and vigor.


In my logo, I want to represent eco-responsibility, refreshment, growth and balance. You will tell me “but where does he come from with eco-responsibility, refreshment and growth?” Well when I talk about eco-responsibility I mean that I make my effort, when I sell my products, not to impact too much our ecological system. Then, I talk about refreshment since the idea of ​​creating a website about the organization had already been made, but never, according to my research in 2017, by a 14 years old. Still impressive, no? Finally, I speak of growth since my site evolves according to my school career. He grows at the same time as me!


The blue represents, in my logo, the knowledge that I have on the subject, the security and the confidence that the customers should have while consulting my site