I don’t know if you have access to an electronic device at your school in order to help you, but I can still give you tips!

Online document management

If you have a lot of documents that your teachers often give you to keep on your computer or tablet, organize them properly. You can, if your school doesn’t already do it, create a Google Drive account and build an account for each subject and subdivide by session, subdivide once again by class, and so on. This method was shown to me by my college teachers. It allows you to keep your documents properly and not continuously search when you need them during a class.


You certainly have applications if you have an electronic device. Well, I can give you some tips here too. If you want to, you can organize your applications alphabetically or in order of use. What I personal do is that I classify them according to their use, for example, those that I really use often (Word …), I place them in my taskbar. By doing so, they are accessible quickly and easily. This system works pretty well, but be careful, if your teachers do assessments with these devices, install the apps on the desktop instead. You can even install links to websites that you use more often.

Here is an example of a taskbar.

Barre de tâche.JPG

Finally, one of my best tips is to avoid putting video games on your device. Why? Because these games take your attention (and perhaps even that of others) away from the class before you. Don’t forget, this is one of my tips!