In this section, I will give you tips for managing your homework. In fact, I will give you 3 tips and introduce you to 1 app.


Make small, well-balanced homework periods. 

You can do small homework periods. Periods that look like this:

Arrival at home: snack

30 min break

1 hour of homework

30 min break


1 hour of homework


This is the most effective way, it allows you to focus better and understand what you are doing. However, during your break times, ideally, don’t do stuff related to school. I put 30 minutes, but the 45-minute homework and 15-minute break method also works. In other words, you can manage your time as you wish, but your time reserved for homework should remain intact


In the case of homework, time is your ally!

If you know how to use it well!

As for me, I don’t do any homework on Friday nights. I worked every day of the week, and on Friday, I know still have 48 hours to do them. What I’m telling you is that, on Friday nights, you should spend time with important people and do what you like to do. In addition, when you have a day off, you can do your homework. Enjoy this time and keep the weekend to rest. Ideally, you can help yourself by starting with the homework due on Monday, and when you’re done, you will get ahead for Tuesday, and so on. I personally almost always finish all the homework that was given for the following week so that on weeknights I only have the homework to do for the next day.


Write down your homework in your agenda as soon as you receive it.

One tip that I gave you in one of the previous sections is to take note of everything! Your teacher gives you a homework, note it right away! Were you given a date for homework/exam? Note it! In other words, when you receive information for a specific date, record the information.


But why is it so important to write everything down?

Good question! First reason, and the most obvious, is to forget nothing. Second reason is to use  the application that I’m about to introduce you


My Homework    

This application serves as an agenda, but an agenda in point form! The app is available on all devices, iPad, iPod, PC, Internet, etc. Overall, it allows you to write down everything and see what you have to do, for example when your homework is due or when your exams will be. You can even register your classes and schedule, and the app automatically detects the homework delivery date for the next class. Of course, you can change this date. What’s more convenient is that you can see your task decrease considering you can check your homework and other information when it’s done. If you install on your phone or mobile device, you will receive a notification at the frequency previously chosen. For example, I have a homework to deliver in two days. I configured my application so that the day before the delivery, I am notified. You can also connect your parents so they can see your progress.


I found two videos that show you a bit about how the application works.

Below these 2 videos, I placed the link to access the website for the app. You can download it via Chrome, Apple Store, Android Store, etc. You must create an account, but the application is free. Don’t pay to be VIP, it’s not worth it! Most of the features you need are available in the free version.


Another practical advice to always have your homework near you.  

There are now duo-tangs that have pockets. You can use each of them and write the school subject. This way, at the end of each of your classes, you can put your homework in the pocket and do it during your break, without keeping the whole content of your class. In other words, this last tip is perfect to keep the bare minimum.