Does your school provide a locker for each student? You’re not able to keep it in good order? You are at the right place!

First tip: the shelf!

The best advice I can give you is to start by maximizing the space inside of your locker. The shelf, which is presented by the photo above, can literally enlarge the locker! The price is $54 plus shipping, but it’s worth it! In addition, we encourage our workforce! If you are interested in it, you will find the link at the bottom of the page. It leaves a space for notebooks, a space for useful things according to your needs, in addition to the space for your boots and the shelf above. If you want to, you can even buy a bin to put on the above shelf! It’s convenient for putting on clothes and sports items. In addition, it assembles really easily and quickly.  Don’t forget one important thing: a tidy locker is the key to remembering everything and losing nothing. Your locker is, in my opinion, the place that you will attend the most at school. It’s one of the tips that really work for me. Below and on the side of the text you can see photos and videos of the shelf! Don’t hesitate, if you use this advice, to send me your own photos! I will be happy to put it on the website and see how the shelf is convenient for you.


 Second tip: the light. 

These lights are available at some very low cost stores, such as Dollarama. They are convenient when you are looking for a notebook or a pencil. They allow you a general lighting in your locker. The one I have is practical because it is magnetic and it sticks on all metal surfaces.

I have also designed a document that you can print and laminate to keep a summary of your day not too far. This document contains the days of the week and boxes to indicate if you have homework to do, or if you have recoveries and activities. The best is to stick it on the door of your locker. The ‘’recovery boxes’’ have a yes column and a no column. These columns allow you to indicate the recoveries offered to you for the week and indicate whether you plan to attend or not.

References for the documents :

#10 303 Resumes for the locker. (Contact us if you would like to get it in English. )

Come see our boutique to get the locker shelf or one of our documents.