One of your most precious friends is Time! Do you have a break between your periods? Do you have a lunch break and are not participating in any extracurricular activity? I have some advice for you… Do not hesitate to get ahead of your homework from previous periods. You are better off while you are at school than having everything to do when at home. 5-10-15 minutes break? It’s not important, enjoy! Get ahead of your stuff! If valid in your school, pick up your things, go right to your next class, get your books out for your next course and take out your homework! 1 or 2 minutes is enough to move forward. At dinner time, do you always finish eating and have nothing else to do? Perfect! Get ahead with your homework. In fact, my advice to you is to take advantage of the time you have while at school and enjoy the time when you’re at home to rest and have some fun. If you want to, you can join or invite your friends to do their homework with you! It’s more fun, but please, don’t copy on your friends, you won’t help yourself that way!

You are absent during a class?

Here’s a tip.

Make sure someone keeps you informed. Make sure that this person doesn’t decide what’s important, or not. You want to know everything from A to Z. Homework, class notes, notions that have been seen or even just the outline of what has been said.