Organize your material, be ready for anything and always have everything to attend each class … Mission possible! 

In this section, I will equip you with 4 effective tips.

1- The pockets 



Well yes, plastic pockets or folders are useful to separate your notebooks for each class! This way, you always have everything in class and if you don’t want to put your documents right away in your duo-tangs, you can leave them in the pocket, instead of them being in the bottom of the bag or locker! If you’re wondering where to buy them, well, I’ll confirm that those at Dollarama are the most durable! When I write about plastic pockets, I’m referring to the ones just like the picture below.

You simply count the number of classes you have and you can even buy one for your agenda, it will keep it nice and clean. When you have them, you can identify each of them and write your name with the targeted subject on it. Now, if you have a class where you have a binder in addition to notebooks and duo-tangs, I propose two solutions.

  • You can put everything in the binder pockets (the duo-tang in 1 pocket and the notebooks in the other)
  • You can take an additional pocket. If you choose this option, be sure to put your binder and pocket together in your locker.

Now, you can adapt the tip as you want!

2.3 – Always be ready for anything!

Do you change location for each class? Do you bring your stuff at home? Are you athletic? No problem! First thing, your daily gear … Have an emergency pencil case! In this kit, put the minimum, 1 red pen, 1 blue pen, 1 glue stick, 1 ruler, 1 sharpener, 1 scissors, 1 highlighter of each color, 2 pencils and 1 eraser. This advice may look stupid at first, but you’ll be happy in the morning when you get to school and you’ll realize you’ve forgotten your kit at home! Bam! You have the emergency kit!

Second, always have something to write down (other than a notebook or a sheet of paper). Again here, I use the method 1 notebook by class to write down my questions and write what comes to mind … I remain more focused! But the best method is to write everything in one place. This method is better because if, for example, you forget your agenda at home, you are not lacking! You can note it in your notebook. Of course, you should write the date each time and when you ask a question, write down the answer !!!!!!!

Third, always have some clothing in your locker.

1: The uniform-

If, over the years, you accumulate uniform pieces that are still good, but a little worn, bring a piece of each in your locker. For example, I have 1 shirt, 1 tank top and 1 pair of pants! It could seem pretty weird, but if anything happens, I always have another option.

2: Sports clothing:

Make it a habit to bring your sports clothing, (washed, you will feel better!) every Monday. Again, always have 1 pair of shoes, 1 pair of shorts or pants, 1 sweater and 1 deodorant. You will appreciate this! The day you forget your sports clothing, you can manage without taking pieces in the lost items section! And your shoes can be a pair that fits you, but also that is a bit faded, it’s just for 1 class! In other words, try to keep 1 pair of shoes that is still good and that could serve you greatly for emergencies.

3: Extracurricular activity clothing

Make sure you always have clean clothing for your extracurricular activities! (You can wear the shoes of your * emergency * kit !!!)

Finally, in an ideal world, you arrive at school with other shoes than those of the uniform. This way you’ll keep them cleaner, for a longer period of time, but above all, don’t forget them !!!

4- A trick for a pencil case at your fingertips.

Do you have a pencil case and are tired of cleaning up or always looking for your pencil? Well, you are at the right place.

My tip is simple! Take empty medicine pots, remove the cap and insert your pencils inside. Then insert your pots into your case. The ideal is to have a case with 2 pockets